Big News!

After 6 long years we have finally gotten the property and approval to build our off road park in downtown Fayetteville. The name of the park will be “The Trestle”. The terrain is not what you would expect as it has 85′ vertical cliffs and a creek crossing. There will be a 3 acre grass field for monthly 4 wheel drive swap meet and vendor booths, a amphitheater for bands, a full sports bar (no drinking on the course), bait and tackle shop, and a grill style restaurant. The only way for this succeed is if we have the support of the local off roaders and ALL clubs. We have already acquired several large sponsors ( to be announced later ) and plan on having some of the biggest names in the industry in attendance. There are still things to be done, so here it is November 7th 2015 we will be having this first monthly swap meet. Tables are $10.00 each, we would ask that it is kept automotive based somehow. lol We are trying to get an idea of how many people we could expect and how many tables we could fill. Please LIKE if you would attend and donate a couple of bucks so we can cover development cost. PM me if you would be interested in a table. The more support we get the better our/ your local park can be.

Thanks, Keith Wilson


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  1. I am so excited about this,I have been wanting to find a home and I think,know rather,that I am gonna love this…Also need some body work on my 81 cj5…wooohooo See ya’ll very soon. Shawn


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