To potential future customers: > > I discovered Wilson Off Road about 3 years ago while trying to find an off road shop in town that wasn’t trying to rip people off. I’ve been in the off road world for almost half my life, so when i started asking questions about prices of items I wanted for my (at that time Jeep) they were right on track with what the parts should actually cost (not the fayetteville inflation rate). For a while i got small odds and ends from them. I do most of my own work and found them very receptive and helpful as opposed to most shops being resentful and spiteful. When I got my Bronco and jumped into swapping out the front end for a solid axle Wilson’s was there to help me not only with some major parts (EVERYONE loves the radius arms) but also advice to help me finish it up. When I blew my rear axle my first phone call was to Keith. He sold me a much stronger axle (specifically a sterling 10.25″ out of an F-250) for a lot less than what i was expecting. They also got me the very specific rims (15″ 8 lugs with 2.75″ backspacing), that I’d been looking for for a while, at a VERY reasonable price. Along with the parts, they’ve done little things like welding this or that or helping extract broken bolts that broke my extractors for a minimal fee. I HIGHLY recommend not just this shop but Keith, Sean, Eric, Morgan, Hot Rod and anyone else that works there that i may have forgotten to mention by name, for ANY of your off road, daily driver or general vehicle needs. > > Sincerely, > Jeff Osterhoudt aka the guy that owns the big green Bronco


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