Superlift 4″ Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander 2006-2007 Suspension Lift Kit – 4WD


  • Front lift retains factory struts; rear lift via new coils
  • Maintains factory CV axle and driveshaft angles
  • Replacement steering knuckles ensure proper steering geometry
  • Electronic Geometry Recalibration (EGR) Module for Electronic Stability Program included
  • Unique Frame Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) series front crossmember and belly-pan
  • New front / rear anti-sway bar links
  • Superlift Superide shocks included
  • Systems available for both 2WD and 4WD models
  • Will clear 33″to 34″ tall tires depending on wheel specs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description

Front lift is achieved, and factory ride quality maintained, by installing spacers on top of the factory front shock and coil assembly / strut. Thin pre-load plates installed on top of the coil springs boost rate slightly to help offset the additional loads created by running larger tires, and firms-up what would otherwise be a “spongy” ride.

The upper control arms remain in their factory location and Superlift’s unique high-clearance one-piece F.I.T. crossmembers (Frame Integrated Technology), lower the factory control arms and axle housing in relation to the frame. They are seamlessly stitched together by a massive full-width belly-pan that protects the front differential. The crossmembers, belly-pan and all load bearing bracketry are constructed using .25″ thick steel plate.

New cast iron steering knuckles span the increased distance between the upper / lower control arms.

Rear lift is achieved with new coil springs and brackets to relocate the rear trailing arms

New lower rear trailing arms included.

The kit is packaged complete with rear Superlift Superide or Superide SS shocks by Bilstein.

The Grand Cherokee and Commander were some of the first vehicles to include Jeep’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Creating a true performance lift system with ESP compatibility has been a stumbling block for most suspension manufacturers. Superlift relies on our exclusive Electronic Geometry Recalibration (EGR) module, produced by AEV, to provide the properly calibrated steering input signal to the factory ESP unit. The EGR module also allows for speedometer recalibration, desired when taller height tires and / or different axle gear ratios are installed. The module simply plugs into an existing wiring harness located beneath the dash.


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