Superlift 4″ Jeep Suspension Lift Kit – 2007-2011 JK – 2 Door


  • Lift via pre-set coil springs; different, heavier rated coils for rear of 4-door.
  • Exclusive closed-cell foam dampeners prevent suspension over-compression.
  • Concave shaped front dampener receivers assure proper function.
  • Adjustable REFLEX front track bar; relocation bracket for rear bar.
  • Correct length sway bar links with greasable, factory type ends.
  • Optional front sway bar disconnects.
  • Adjustable alignment cams correct caster angle.
  • Optional front Rockrunner links provide maximum ground clearance and articulation. Combination of greasable Urethane bushings and steel-encased rubber bushings provide the perfect balance of flexibility, noise-free operation and control. Upper and lower Rockrunner links are available for both front and rear axles.
  • Brake hose and emergency brake cable relocation brackets included.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description

The 4″ lift for the Jeep Wrangler JK sets the standard for performance both on road and off. Pre-set replacement coil springs minimize settling, provide exceptional ride quality and the rear coils are rate specific for 2 or 4 door models. Track bar angle increases as the vehicle is raised, and bar length becomes a real issue when lift height exceeds 2.5″. The resulting track bar bind causes the chassis and axle to continuously “tug” against one another, resulting in uneven ride height (side-to-side), chassis / frame misalignment and unwanted “roll and yaw”. Front track bar correction is accomplished via a new REFLEX adjustable track bar. This route is preferred over using a relocation bracket because the bar’s arc of travel must remain in sync with the drag link’s arc of travel; if they get out of sync, steering wheel “kick” will result. A track bar relocation bracket is used at the rear axle since there are no steering geometry issues to contend with. Compression travel is controlled via unique machined aluminum receiver cups in the front and replacement closed-cell foam dampeners in the rear. New front axle alignment cams, extended length sway bar links with factory style, tie-rod type upper ends, front / rear brake hose relocation brackets and emergency brake cable brackets are also included. Nothing is left unattended with this “base” kit and it is packaged complete with Superide, Superide SS Series by Bilstein or FOX Shocks.

Options include: front and rear Rockrunner link arms, longer fixed-length lower link arms, front sway bar quick disconnects, rear adjustable track bar, and factory replacement, high-clearance single or high-clearance dual steering stabilizers. Each stabilizer design is available with Superlift Superide or SS series cylinders by Bilstein.


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